About me

Dear fellow pet owners, I reckon I could draw at age 10. I was a newbie at being able to draw, but since then I have progressed and done a number of more complex drawings, including a few paintings. I wouldn't say I am any kind of a professional but I aspire to get there.


Now I am still in school so art is a holiday focus, but I do study art as a Pre-U subject, so in this time I would like to explore many more mediums. In the past I have focused on animals because I prefer the movement of their fur, figure, and facial features.


Recently I have done a couple of portraits which I am still working to improve. I have tried and prefer some more abstract portraits as I find there are so many different techniques  to explore... and I have yet to explore them! I will keep the home page updated with my more recent drawings and paintings. Thank you and happy drawing/painting!

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